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    We are providing repair service on all types of Microwave unit in Dehradun. We Repair all Microwave brands like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Godrej, Whirlpool, Haier, Videocon, Kelvinator, Hitachi, IFB, Sansui, Voltas, Bosch, Sharp, BPL, GE, Siemens, Croma, Bajaj, Sanyo, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, White Westinghouse, Kenstar, Hyundai, Electrolux, Onida, TCL, Philips, Koryo, Bosch, Murphy Richard, Faber, Hafele, Midea, Mitashi, Marq, Kaff, Miele, Lloyd, Avanti, in Dehradun.

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    On time service delivery, transparent prices, service warranty and highly experienced & customer satisfaction driven team makes life easy. Our service centre is fully private service centre. We provide services on private and chargeable basis only for products whose warranty is finished or over.
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    What Are the Steps to Microwave Oven Repair?

    Service a microwave oven door:
    1.Inspect the door for obvious problems, such as broken components.
    2.Inspect and clean the door seal along the inside front edge of the oven. Use a mild detergent in warm water; rinse and dry before use.
    3.Inspect the door hinge to ensure that it isn’t damaged.
    4.Inspect the door latch on the outside and inside of the door to make sure it works smoothly and that it is not blocked by baked-on food.
    Disassemble a microwave oven:
    1.Unplug the microwave oven and remove all trays or carousels inside the oven cavity
    2.If the unit is built-in, remove fasteners (typically on the underside of the cabinet) holding the unit in place and remove the microwave oven.
    3.Turn the unit on its back or side and remove screws or bolts that hold the housing to the frame.
    4.Carefully remove the housing and set it aside to access components within the microwave.
    5.Identify the capacitor (see the owner’s manual) and make sure you don’t touch it. Capacitors hold an electrical charge after the appliance is unplugged.
    6.Inspect and, if needed, clean switches and other simple components. Don’t disturb the magnetron (probably encased in a secondary housing).
    7.Test the electrical cord, fan, fuse, interlock, and other appliance components.
    Reassemble and test the microwave oven.

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